Software to download music and video.

From YouTube and Spotify for free.


Mensible allows you to download music in mp3 format and videos in mp4 format simply by providing the URL from YouTube or Spotify. You also have the possibility to download entire playlists from the URL of the latter which facilitates the acquisition of long list of music instead of providing the URL of each one for example. The software has a standalone update function and the interface has been designed to be clean and easy to use. Several languages are currently available and more will be added in the future... If you want to download a video you can choose whether you want only the audio or the video stream with it, which makes it possible to extract music from a video simply.


Mensible is easy to download from the GitHub repository with the installer "Mensible_Setup.exe":

Technical specifications

Audio fidelity


Video fidelity

8k 60fps maximum.

Available languages

English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, 中国人, Czech


Manage automatically in the application until v1.4.6. On the GitHub repository since v1.5.0

Size of the package (source code only)


Software: 1 MB


Software: 1 MB


Mensible is completely free.

Availability platforms

Windows 10/11 - 32/64bits. (The software has not been tested on Windows 8, we cannot guarantee its full functionality.)



You can see the license of the software in the GitHub repository of the project.